Fierce Girls At War

This series is dedicated to the female soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen all over the world who are as capable and competent as their male counterparts but are often discounted, disrespected and demeaned by people who in reality  are often not as smart, not as brave and not as competent as they are. It is also aimed at young, intelligent girls who given the chance to do so, or in this case when they have no other choice but to do so, are able to demonstrate their smarts, their courage, their determination and their ability to fight to survive in a difficult situation.

The setting of this series is on a colony planet under threat of an alien invasion. This provided a unique environment to put characters from all over the world together in a situation where they all must work together and fight for each other regardless of the state of relations between their home countries now or in the period in which the series is set.


Fierce Girls         Book One of Fierce Girls At War

2122 is a year of turmoil on Earth. Many of the same hotspots of a century before were still hot. Seas had risen and in some areas populations were on the move. Ruthless groups of extremists create havoc, sometimes for their own enrichment, sometimes in search of vengeance for perceived wrongs done to them and others who object to the tremendously expensive starship and extra-solar colony program many see as one of the answers to some of the world’s problems.



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The Fierce Girls At War Series


‘The Fierce Girls At War series features a majority cast of smart, capable, competent and confident women around whom most of the events and actions are centered. Many but not all are in positions of authority, and some are related to others by ties of blood, marriage or trial by fire. Many have ties to the leading male protagonist Commander Rick (O'Brien) Cassidy, to whom he is either son, brother, father or friend but he is by no means The Main Character nor is he involved in all of the events which occur. These women are warriors, leaders, students and most importantly equals if not superiors to the males they have to deal with. Key characters among them are members of  three generations in the extended Cassidy/O'Brien clan.


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