The March South is Book 17 of Fierce Girls At War


“It’s bad enough being forced to march our way to be the main ingredient for an alien stewpot but us being stripped down to our bloomers is just a bit much. My neck, back and bum are glowing red and sitting down is a real pain. Next time I get captured by aliens I’ll have to remember not to wear a thong!”

  • Lieutenant Moira Sullivan, shuttle pilot, Colonial Rangers, New Hope Colony, Ireland. Captured by aliens when Winter Haven fell.


In the East the Rangers and civilians captured during the surprise attack on Winter Haven are on the move south where a huge alien camp awaits. At the same time Jacks Company is headed for the ferry terminal on the Clearwater River while trying to avoid being spotted by the aliens during their long journey across the alien planet. In the West the aliens have the remaining human settlements in their sights and the starship Australia is hoping to land without interference from the alien ships in orbit.


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