"The way some of these Rangers are looking at us you'd think they'd never seen a bunch of teenage girls shoot some aliens in the head before! Well now that I think about it, it does seem a bit unusual, you know?"

          -  Rain Moon, age 18, fourth-year student at the New Hope Academy and assistant squad leader, squad Seven, Jacks Company, US


The group of deadly, highly trained teenaged school girls commanded by Commander Rick Cassidy and Gunnery Sergeant Molly Pickford and known as Jacks Company, short for 'Jacks the Giant Killers', along with the 34 ex-captives they've picked up along the way are still days from their rendezvous with Guy Gilbert's shuttle full of supplies and their food is almost completely gone. Even after they meet up with the stay-behind group there's still 100 miles of alien countryside to cross before they reach the ferry landing on the Clearwater River and they don't know if the aliens or the ferry are waiting for them there.


The MIA Australians under Lieutenant Aaron Harper and Aria Giffords have been on the run from the aliens ever since the shuttle they were in was shot down near Winter Haven the morning the aliens attacked. They'd avoided being spotted for weeks but a deadly chance encounter may have sealed their fate. Now alien hunting parties on their trail are closing in on their prey.



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