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Book 12 of Fierce Girls At War

The Raid on Southport

“My Captain is pizzed ad me because I help plan op-ration, not him, an didn’t tell him, I was ordered not to, an didn’t tell him anyway. So he gib me bick present, but I already haf one, iv you know whad I mean. I haf bad feel-ling ‘bout dis mission.”

-           Lieutenant Olga Kasparova, platoon leader Russian detachment of Echo Company, Colonial Rangers, New Hope Colony, Russian Republic


“They want us to fly the Southport mission in bad weather but that means we’ll probably get tossed around like a fishing boat in a hurricane only a bit higher up. Those guys back there better have their airsick bags ready. The last thing I need is a whole platoon of Rangers puking all over my aircraft!”

-           Lieutenant Erin Quinn, recon shuttle pilot, mission lead pilot, Colonial Rangers, New Hope Colony, US





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