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Book 10 of Fierce Girls At War

Jacks Company

“We know the aliens will be coming soon. My squad will be in the fort and I’m scared, we all are, but we’re confident too. More than anything I’m scared I’ll lose someone because I make the wrong decision.”

  • Stormy James, age 18, leader of squad One, intern, New Hope Academy, New Hope Colony, US

“Talk about feeling small. Every one of these girls can shoot better than I can and they’ll all be out there risking their lives while I’m inside safe and sound. I know the Master Sergeant and I are needed inside to handle the drones, keep the power on and help with any casualties but that doesn’t make me feel any better. These kids really are some fierce girls. I better not let them hear me refer to them as kids though; I’m liable to get kicked where it hurts the most!”

  • Corporal Damian Carter, cargo engineer, CTL Cairo, New Hope Colony, UK





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