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Book 6 of Fierce Girls At War

The Fight For The Pass

“It’s not fair! Nobody told me I was supposed to wear socks with my new combat boots!”

- Montana Hernandez, age 15, 2nd year student, New Hope  Academy, New Hope Colony, USA

“At least she was wearing a bra with her girlie panties unlike some of them! And we’re supposed to train them to fight demon wolves and aliens? Please, just kill me now!”

- Sergeant Miruku Nakamura, comm tech, cargo transport lander Cairo, New Hope Colony, Tau Ceti 4, Japan

The New Hope Academy who survived the crash of the transport Cairo have begun to train to fight like Colonial Rangers. They have just two months to get ready before the lake in their mountain valley freezes and the deadly predators of Tau Ceti 4 come down to eat them and the aliens may come before that. 

The aliens are headed for McKinley Pass and Major Claudia Stairs and her Rangers prepare to stop them.


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