Let It Rain!


"One of the Aussie Rangers we saved from the cookpot called two of the girls in my squad 'kids'. I wasn't going to talk to him about it; I just gave him a knee and put him on the ground. He won't be saying that again around us!"

 - Luka Teranova, leader of squad Seven, age 17, Ukraine


Jacks Company has rescued over 100 Rangers and civilians from becoming part of an alien feast and they're nearly at Winter Cove but the last few miles will be their toughest yet. They'd hoped to spend the coming winter there unnoticed but the aliens are there and now they'll have to take it from them.


A huge alien starship has arrived and thousands of their troops are being brought down from orbit as they prepare for an all-out assault on New Hope Town. To counter it and try to delay the attack until more of their own reinforcements arrive on the starship Vitus Bering, the Rangers plan to bomb the various alien camps hoping to do enough damage to delay the attack.


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