Burning Mountain is Book 16 of Fierce Girls At War

“After being chosen for Colonial Ranger duty, going through three months of specialized training, then a six month long voyage to the New Hope Colony, my detachment lost nearly a third of our people just a week after we got there. Now I am looking forward to them attacking Novo Napoli where we will tear them to pieces when they least expect it!”

  • Lydia Kowalski, platoon leader, 2nd Polish detachment, New Hope Colony

Jacks Company is on the move at last after a year trapped in the mountain valley where they crashed after their transport was attacked by the aliens invading the New Hope Colony. While they begin their long journey across alien occupied countryside, the aliens have set their sights on Castillo and Novo Napoli, two of the last settlements still in human hands, but the ‘Hot Tub Brain Trust’ has already come up with plans to make them pay dearly for those prizes.


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