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Book 2 of the Fierce Girls At War series
Threat On The Horizon

“When you’re up in the mountains there’s always a chance that you’ll run into a pack of demon wolves with their armored hides and 8-inch long claws and teeth. The difference between that kind of wolf and my company commander is that I’m allowed to shoot the demon wolf.”

  • Lieutenant Daria Patel, platoon leader, 6th Indian detachment, Bravo Company, Colonial Rangers, New Hope Colony, Tau Ceti 4


“After four years at the colony I didn’t think anything would really surprise me. There’s a mystery here and the signs are saying not natural and not of human origin. Where does that leave us? Good thing Rick Cassidy has a secret stash of weapons and ammo or we’d really be screwed.”

  • Major Claudia Stairs, XO, 2nd Battalion, Colonial Rangers, New Hope Colony, Tau Ceti 4

In 2118 a Rift starship discovered that humans have invaded a planet they consider theirs. The humans are judged extremely dangerous and must be eliminated. Eight years later they have returned to take back the planet. 

By 2126 LCDR Rick Cassidy and GSGT Molly Pickford have become especially important to the New Hope Colony.


Rick’s daughter Ciara is 14 and on her way to the colony on the starship Asia to join her dad. She will be attending the New Hope Academy when she gets there.


The colony ship Amundsen arrives in the system with 6000 passengers and crew including Major Naomi MacCaffrey who has left Earth to join the logistics team at the colony.



Book 3  Opening Shots




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