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Book 5 of Fierce Girls At War

A Bad Day On The River

“First Molly saves me but I don’t get to thank her then she’s dead and I can’t thank her. Then I get here and she’s alive but I don’t know it’s her so I don’t thank her then she’s missing with Cassidy so I still don’t get to thank her. Hopefully she’s not dead again and someday I will get to thank her. That’s if I’m not already in some alien giant’s stew pot. At least they left us some useful ‘odds and ends’ to fight those monsters with.”

  • Major Naomi MacCaffrey, Acting Director of Logistics, Colonial Ranger Regiment, New Hope Colony, Tau Ceti 4, Canada



Southport and New Cancun have fallen to the aliens. New St Louis is next. With little hope of rescue from the mountain valley where the Cairo crashed CDR Rick Cassidy has GSGT Molly Pickford and the handful of Ranger NCOs who survived the crash begin training the students from the New Hope Academy to fight demon wolves and aliens.

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