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Book 8 of Fierce Girls At War

Enemy Found

“The aliens killed half my company including my commander at Southport. It’s time to pay them back in full.”

-         Captain Eva Zhang, CO, Tiger Company, 3rd Battalion, Colonial Rangers, New Hope Colony, Tau Ceti 4, China


“It’s been more than two weeks since we got shot down and landed in this valley and finally we get to use the crossbows! Varsity Team!”

-         Monica Keller, age 14, 2nd year student, New Hope Academy, New Hope Colony, Tau Ceti 4, Germany


It’s been less than a week since the aliens were defeated by Major Claudia Stairs and her Rangers at the Battle of McKinley Pass. Now the aliens are aiming for Winter Haven. General Jamison decides that it’s time to bring Colonel Fox and Stairs in on the secret that Rick Cassidy and Molly Pickford have been keeping for over four years.


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