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Book 18 of Fierce Girls At War


“They say it's 200 feet straight down over a raging river and the slide across is over 900 feet across. I can't wait to go first! This will be so fun!"

          -  Fuka Hayakawa, age 15, squad 3, Jacks Company, 2nd year student New Hope Academy, member of the 'Spider Monkeys' group of lead climbers.

"I was limping on a turned ankle and the aliens were kind enough to give me a ride. They hung me upside down on the side of one of their rhino-crocs. With all the blood flowing to my head I slept really well and I think I might be even smarter now!"

  • Lieutenant Hanna Smit, communications officer, Colonial Rangers, New Hope Colony, Netherlands. Captured by aliens when Winter Haven fell.

Jacks Company and the 12 ex-captives were able to slip away undetected for but a giant alien encampment lies directly in their way. Getting past it will be tricky. On the Cairo the stay behind group is ready to leave for their rendezvous with Jacks Company. Another group of captives including Ciara Cassidy's friend Lieutenant Miranda Balestiere are headed for their fate at the hands of the aliens.




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