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                 Book One


In Book One 'Two Wolds' events on Earth force Marine Staff Sergeant Susan 'Molly' Bennett and Navy Lieutenant Paul 'Rick' O'Brien to leave behind family and friends and flee to the New Hope Colony on Tau Ceti 4. There under new identities as Lieutenant Commander Rick cassidy and Gunnery Sergeant Molly Pickford they become key members of the  Colonial Rangers, a protective force designed to guard the colonists from that world's deadly predators. Four years later members of Rick's family prepare to join then at the colony, foremost among them Rick's fourteen year old daughter Ciara who runs into dangers of her own on the way.


Coming books in the series will continue the story of the main characters from book one and bring in many more mostly female characters, some of whom are in key positions of leadership, while others are students caught in an alien invasion of the colony.


Look for Book Two - 'A Long Way From Home' in the fall of 2016.

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