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Book 21 of the Fierce Girls At War series

The Strike Teams

"Mama mia, it's cold out here! We have to take Winter Cove away from the aliens before we freeze to death. It'll be nice to sleep in a real bed, too."

  • Paula Bertalucci, age 16, squad Five medic, second year student, New Hope Academy, New Hope Colony, Italia

"This will be different from when we fought them before. Those fights were all outdoors where there was a way for us to retreat; if we had to. Of course we never had to, we always had a plan to win and we always did! There's nowhere to retreat to this time. We practiced fighting inside room to room before we left the valley and we're going to be getting real close to those giants, really, really close! Yikes!"

  • January Pierson, age 18, squad Two, fourth year student, New Hope Academy, New Hope Colony, USA

Commander Rick Cassidy, Gunnery Sergeant Molly Pickford and Jacks Company have made it to within striking distance of alien-occupied Winter Cove. Early winter bad weather is coming fast and they have no other option now but to take it for themselves. Far to the southeast the grounded transport Moscow, damaged during its bombing run over a huge alien encampment, has a team of maintenance engineers working hard to get the ship back in the air so it can return to New Hope Town but the alien Rift have other plans for them.

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